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Solar Portable Home System(15W)

  • Unit: set
  • Manufacturer: RIGHT
  • Brand: LEADDER
Product Details


Parts No. Name Specification Quantity Unit Description
1 Solar panel 18V/15W 1 pc Please get the covered information in the sheet:solar panel information and solar panel technological parameter
2 Controller 12V/2A  1 pc Power one
3 Storage Battery 12/8AH 1 pc Lead Acid Storage battery free maintenance
4 Power source transformation PCBA    1 set Intelligent control PCBA
5 Accessories(including  Chassis box ,LED,  5m Power line + appendix +Packing )   1 set All meet RoHS standard.
Output voltage :DC12.0V,  9.0V,   6.0V, USB ,Loading of 1-3W LED light, it can continuiously work1-3cloudy or rain days.


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